Sheepherder Stove

Sheepherder Stove
Sheepherder Stove
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Sheepherder Stove

  • Sheepherder Heat & Cook Stove
  • Alaskan Stove
  • Four pieces of tapered stovepipe (5" at stove, 4" at top, total of 77" long)
  • 5" damper with sleeve
  • Rain cap / Spark Arrestor
  • Side Table
  • Two gallon stainless steel water tank

    Alaskan Camp Stove Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 20"H x 12"W x 24"L
  • Stove box dimensions: 12"H x 12"W x 24"L
  • Stove Weight: 18 lbs
  • Recommendation: Up to a 14' x 16' tent
  • Packs easily in our "Oversize Pannier Bags".

    Sheepherder Stove

    When it comes to "Horse Camping & Pack Supplies" has over 25 years in using all of these camping supplies and have used "Tent Wood Stoves" extensively through out the Rocky Mountains. Use these in our ever popular "Outfitter and Canvas Wall Tents".We have tested these Sheepherder Heat & Cook Stove in the most trying times you can have in severe weather. These come highly recommended. Outdoorsmen prefer Cylinder Stoves because of their innovative design and construction. Cylinder Stoves was the first to manufacture an outdoor stove with an innovative cylinder design. The cylinder design, along with a combination of 10, 12, and 14 gauge steel means a warp free stove which customers report holds heat longer. You'll spend less in maintenance and save money on fuel. Quality speaks for itself.

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