Pack Saddle Pads

Pack Saddle Pads - TrailMax Premium - Click to enlarge
Pack Saddle Pads - TrailMax Premium - Click to enlarge
Pack Saddle Pads - TrailMax Premium
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Pack Saddle Pads

  • Our superior grade, high density polyester pile fleece pad is ideal for protecting your horse or mule from heavy pack loads. The closely shorn kodel fleece ensures minimal matting or slipping, helping to keep your pack saddle and load in place. The fleece is extra wicking and quick to dry, ensuring that your stock stays comfortable. The 3/4" thick high density felt insert is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Pads are available in three colors; choose between brown, hunter's orange or forest green. Pad measures 30" x 46", and is 1" thick

    Pack Saddle Pads

    Ideally the Sawbuck Pack Saddle rests on a saddle blanket or saddle pad to spread the weight of the saddle and its burden on the pack animal's back. The underside of the pack saddle is designed to conform well to the shape of the pack animal's back. It is typically divided into two symmetrical parts separated by a gap at the top to ensure that the weight being carried does not rest on the draft animal's backbone and to provide good ventilation to promote the evaporation of sweat.

    The pack saddle consists of a tree, or the wooden blocks that sit on the horse's back, the decker packsaddle Half Breed Cover which is the canvas saddle cover, the breeching and often a crupper which prevents the loaded saddle from sliding too far forward and the breast collar which holds the loaded saddle from sliding too far back on the packhorse or mule. The flexible bars on this packsaddle adjust to a horse's back and offer several options for hanging panniers.[1]

    Since the pack saddle is not intended to support a human rider, the upper side of the pack saddle resembles a rack to let its load rest on and be tied on with ropes, straps, a surcingle or other devices.

    There are several styles of pack saddles. The sawbuck style has crossed wooden bars to attach sling ropes. The Decker Pack Saddle has two large metal hooks each side for hanging pack bags or crates. The Decker style has two rings for tying sling ropes.

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