Western Saddle Arabian

Western Saddle Arabian - 72155 - Click to enlarge
Western Saddle Arabian - 72155 - Click to enlarge
Western Saddle Arabian - 72155
Item# SML-72155
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Western Saddle Arabian

  • TREE: Pro-Tuff, Arabian bars with 10" front.
  • GULLET: 6-3/4" wide by 5-1/2" high.
  • SEAT: Smoothout padded.
  • CANTLE: 3-1/2".
  • SKIRTS: 24-1/2".
  • RIGGING: 7/8 skirt plate.
  • FINISH: Cherry.
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 30 pounds.

    These Simco Arabian saddles are the finest on the market. 5 Year Guarantee. For over 40 years the Simco Longhorn name has been associated with the finest quaility saddles and tack which horsemen, ranchers, and showmen worldwide have come to depend on.

    Western Saddle Arabian

    From the ancient deserts of the Middle East evolved the oldest known breed of riding horse, the Arabian. Now one of the most popular breeds in America, the Arabians' incredible energy, intelligence and gentle disposition allow riders to excel in most equine sports and activities. Today, Arabian horses spend as much time on the trail as they do at horse shows and other competitive events.

    For thousands of years, Arabians lived among the desert tribes of the Arabian peninsula, bred by the Bedouins as war mounts for long treks and quick forays into enemy camps. In these harsh desert conditions evolved the Arabian with its large lung capacity and incredible endurance.

    Historical figures like Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Alexander The Great and George Washington rode Arabians. Even today, one finds descendants from the earliest Arabian horses of antiquity. Then, a man's wealth was measured in his holdings of these fine animals. Given that the Arabian was the original source of quality and speed, and remains foremost in the fields of endurance and soundness, he still either directly or indirectly contributed to the formation of virtually all the modern breeds of horses.

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