Solar Stock Tank

Solar Stock Tank - Works To -50 F - Click to enlarge
Solar Stock Tank - Works To -50 F - Click to enlarge
Solar Stock Tank - Works To -50 F
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Solar Stock Tank

  • Solar Heated Livestock Water Troughs
  • Holds 25 - 42 Gallons and easily refills from your garden hose or water hauling tank!
  • Guaranteed to -20° below zero for the 25 ga & -50 for the 42 gal
  • 25 Gal Size:32x32x22H
  • 42 Gal Size:40x40x22H -
  • 42 gallon unit - fill with garden hose or attach to direct line with (Optional) auto fill and shut-off float
  • Shatter proof solar collector
  • No Freeze-ups!
  • No fuel or electricity needed!
  • Can be placed anywhere!
  • SAVES time and money!
  • Pays for itself!
  • Never Rusts

    Solar Stock Tank


    March 27, 2006 ~ "I just wanted to say a word about our solar waterers. We got our first one Dec '02. and have purchased 4 more since then. We live in western Wyoming about an hour south of Jackson Hole, on the Idaho Border; between Caribou Mtns of Idaho and the Bridger "Tetons of Wyoming". The elevation is 6200 feet and we have winter and lots of it. Beginning Oct and maybe ending, the end of April.

    Today, when these pics were taken, we still have 3 feet of snow on the valley floor. We are A Classic Touch and raise ASPC/AMHR Shetlands/Miniatures, the one in the picture is about 30" and we have about 30 head. Before our Solar Heated Livestock Waterers .... which we love, we had the galvanized and rubber tanks with float heaters which always went out at inappropriate times and were very expensive to run for winters, such as ours. We have temperatures in the 30-40 below zero in the winter and this winter, we have had it every month for a week or more at a time, in the subzero temperature range.

    They are cleaner and easier to use and cooler in the summer. We say THANK YOU,for the best thing, for us. We tell everyone, how great we think they are!" ~ Mel & Dorothy ********************************************************

    These durable, never rust troughs have been extensively field tested for 17 years are still going strong. Guaranteed to -20° below zero—during winter conditions with wind chill factor included! No risk of electrical shock to livestock. No costly fuel bills...uses FREE ENERGY from the sun. Shatterproof solar collector. Will NOT freeze even when livestock don’t drink. Easy accessible water for livestock even in ice and snow conditions and unit even keeps water cool and Algae-free in summer. Fills from the top with a hose.

    They keep the water from freezing in Minnesota's brutal winter, but also keeps the water cool in the summer. I don't know why anyone would use anything else! Thank you!! Susan, Minnesota

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