Navajo Bracelet Turquoise

Navajo Bracelet Turquoise -  0842-BR
Navajo Bracelet Turquoise - 0842-BR
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Navajo Bracelet Turquoise -  0842-BR
Navajo Bracelet Turquoise

*Stones will be matched as close as possible as to what is shown
*Completely Indian Handcrafted.
*100% Sterling Silver.
*Beautifully Selected Turquoise Stones.
*Stamped Sterling Silver by Native Americans.
*It is 1-1/4" wide.
*Will fit a 5-1/2" to a 6"-1/2 wrist.
*The marbling in the Turquoise may slightly vary.

Native American Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet.

This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of hand made Turquoise jewelry. Elegant and creative, the artist has combined genuine Turquoise with gleaming Sterling Silver in a traditional Pueblo Indian design. The Turquoise cab was set in a hand made Sterling Silver cuff. Large hand stamped Sterling Silver sheets add a glorious shine to this bracelet. Made in our shop. It is 1-1/4" wide. It will fit a 5-1/2" to a 6"-1/2 wrist. Stamped Sterling, signed by the artist. The marbling in the Turquoise may slightly vary. The photo is an excellent representation of the one of a kind hand made bracelet you'll receive.

Navajo Bracelet Turquoise

Since about 200 B.C., Turquoise has been extensively used by southwestern U.S. Native Americans and by many of the Indian tribes in Mexico. The Native American Jewelry or "Indian style" jewelry with Turquoise mounted in or with silver is relatively new. Some believe this style of jewelry was unknown prior to approximately 1880, when a white trader persuaded a Navajo craftsman to make Turquoise and silver jewelry using coin silver. Prior to this time, the Native Americans had made solid turquoise beads, carvings, and inlaid mosaics. Recently, Turquoise has found wide acceptance among people of all walks of life and from many different ethnic groups.We understand the true value and nature of hand crafted Indian art. And, we recognize itís important to know that the artist is truly a member of a Native American tribe.

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