Youth Western Show Saddle

Youth Western Show Saddle   - 1102 - Click to enlarge
Youth Western Show Saddle   - 1102 - Click to enlarge
Youth Western Show Saddle - 1102
Item# AMS-1102
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Youth Western Show Saddle

Product Information:
  • Oakleaf Tooled Show Saddle
  • Full Quarter Horse Bars
  • TREE: Qak Rawhide covered, leather ground seat
  • RIGGING: Full double stainless steel dees
  • SEAT: 12" 13" 14" Padded Suede
  • TRIM: Fully hand tooled basket with oak leaf border, hand engraved silver trim
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 28 lbs.
  • Five year guarantee

    Show saddles very ornately tooled and Decorated with Silver to give a classy look. These saddles generally have a lower horn so as not to interfere with the reins. The skirts are also deeper to pronounce and show off the Silver and Tooling. It is important for the seat must be very balanced to assist the rider in proper riding posture.

    Youth Western Show Saddle

    The Parade Horse must be a beautiful, stylish animal, displaying refinement and personality and present eye-appeal of horse and rider. The show parade horse may be of any color or combination of colors, of any breed or combination of breeds, stallions, mares or geldings. Good manners are essential, both in executing gaits and while lined up in the ring. Horses must be serviceably sound and in good condition. Since beauty is important, blemishes will be considered. Parade Horses must be shown with a full mane, braided if desired, and a tail that may be set prior to showing. An inconspicuously applied tail switch or top is permitted and a brace may be used. Entries must be over 14.2 hands. Ponies are not eligible for Parade Horse classes, however separate classes for ponies 14.2 hands and under may be offered for junior exhibitors and judged under the same rules.

    The Parade Horse is shown at an animated walk and at a parade gait. The animated walk should be a graceful, four-beat, straight, brisk movement, but not a jog-trot. It should be slow enough to differentiate between the animated walk and the parade gait. The parade gait shall be a true, straight, high-prancing movement, square, collected and balanced with hocks well under. The maximum speed should be 5 MPH.

    Parade Horses are shown under stock saddles with silver, Mexican or other appropriate equipment. The rider should wear attire that is both colorful and typical of the Old West, of American, Mexican, or Spanish origin, consisting of fancy cowboy suit, hat and boots. Spurs, guns, serapes, etc, are optional.

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