Silver Show Spurs

Silver Show Spurs - 8202
Silver Show Spurs - 8202
Item# GGD-8202
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Silver Show Spurs

These exquisite spurs add a professional statement to any arena presence. These are handmade from high quality cold rolled steel with hand engraved silver overlay.

The spur is a refined tool, designed to allow the rider to transmit very subtle signals to the horse that are nearly invisible to any other observer. No matter the discipline, it is important that a rider has a correct position before using spurs, with a deep seat, legs lengthened to the extent allowed by the stirrups, heels down, with knees and thighs rolled in so that the rider has a solid base of support.

Silver Show Spurs

A swinging or unstable leg may inadvertently jab the horse with the spur as the rider sits, thus irritating, distracting, or frightening the animal, and chronic misuse may deaden the horse to the leg aids. Improper use may also provoke dangerous or undesirable behaviors such as bucking or running away. Spurs are rarely used in sports such as horse racing, where the rider's leg is not significantly in contact with the horse. Most spurs are activated by the rider flexing the heel slightly up and in. A roweled spur permits an additional type of action; a rider can roll the spur lightly against the side of the horse rather than being limited to simply pressing inward.

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