Propane Stock Tank Heater

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Propane Stock Tank Heater
Item# TSP-1500-A
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Propane Stock Tank Heater

  • Propane Livestock Water Heater
  • Works on as small as 50 Gal up to 600 gal lp tanks!
  • Great for extreme cold up to -60!
  • Works with LP or natural gas
  • Easy to light and stays lit in the winter
  • AGA listed automatic control for safe operation
  • Thermostat and controls may be removed
  • Long-lasting heavy steel casing
  • lp Livestock Tank Water Heater
  • Can be shipped UPS

    Propane Stock Tank Heater

    This Propane Stock Tank Heater offers a thermostatically controlled heating solution that uses LP Gas or Natural Gas instead of electricity in your stock tank. Our 66B offers a powder coated, heavy steel casing and a control & burner assembly that is designed to stay lit and is easily removed for servicing. Adjustable brackets allow the 66B to be mounted to most metal, poly, wood and concrete tanks. The Stock Tank Heater keeps a 3 to 5 foot radius of drinkable water around the heater at all times.

    Propane Stock Tank Heaters are a must-have item for unrelenting winters. With an optional natural gas or propane hook-up, this heater is fully automatic and easy to light. Built for livestock abuse and years of use, the Propane Stock Tank Heater has a lip welded to the bottom of the casing that lifts it off of the bottom of plastic stock tanks to prevent damage to the tank. Tested in Montana under the most extreme winter conditions, these tanks keep water thawed and ready for livestock during any and every winter event. Our Solar Stock Tank for small operators is ideal for 10 horses or 20 head of cattle. Propane Cattle Waterers withstand deep cold and ice without failing throughout long winters.

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  • Accessories

    Propane Stock Tank Heater >>> lp Livestock Tank Water Heater Propane Hookup Kit
    Propane Hookup Kit
    This kit provides the connecting link between an LP cylinder and a stock tank heater or other low-pressure equipment and appliances.

    Package Includes: Low Pressure, nonadjustable regulator Rubber hose Fittings
    2 Propane Kits Plus Shipping Two Units
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