Propane Stock Tank Heater

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Propane Stock Tank Heater  - Click to enlarge
Propane Stock Tank Heater
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Propane Stock Tank Heater

  • Propane Livestock Water Heater
  • Works on as small as 50 Gal up to 600 gal lp tanks!
  • Great for extreme cold up to -60!
  • Works with LP or natural gas
  • Easy to light and stays lit in the winter
  • AGA listed automatic control for safe operation
  • Thermostat and controls may be removed
  • Long-lasting heavy steel casing
  • Can be shipped UPS

    Propane Stock Tank Heater

    Questions Most Asked

    Will my Model 66B L.P. Gas Stock Tank Heater work in my plastic stock tank?
    Yes, the Propane Livestock Water Heater has a lip welded to the bottom of the casing to keep the unit••off the bottom of plastic stock tanks.

    What size of L.P. gas tank do I use?
    We recommend that you use a 100 pound or larger gas cylinder. The size used••for a barbeque grill is too small..

    Can I convert my 66B Stock Tank Heater to natural gas?
    Yes, the tank heater can be converted to natural gas.

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