Outdoor Shower Tent

Outdoor Shower Tent
Outdoor Shower Tent
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Outdoor Shower Tent

  • Floor Dimensions: 3' x 5'
  • Walls: 6' high, 7.6' ridge height
  • Screened gable ends provide ventilation

    Shelter and privacy increase the livability of your camp. Made of relite or canvas, your choice of green or white with the Relite material. Natural color with canvas. Tent toilet can also be used as a seperate shower facility.

    Popular style privacy tent is for people who like the traditional canvas look but need a tent that is lighter weight than an all canvas wall tent. The roof is made out of 10 oz. treated canvas and the sides and end walls are made out of our own relite material. The canvas roof helps with moisture build up on the inside of the tent ceiling. The canvas roof gives you added protection when using as a shower tent. This tent is constructed with the same quality workmanship as other Montana Canvas products.

    Outdoor Shower Tent

    The wall tent, also referred to as a cabin tent, has a history and a legacy as old as the country. It provided shelter from the most severe elements for our early pioneers, trappers, miners, and hunters. The legacy of the wall tent continues today, as it is the most comfortable and meaningful way to introduce children and adults to the outdoors for a quality outdoor experience.

    Our new and innovative designs insure our customers of the highest standards of construction, materials and comfort. Our wall tents have passed the test of time, with families handing down tents from one generation to another, along with precious memories.

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