Mens Shearling Coats On Sale

Mens Shearling Coats On Sale - Click to enlarge
Mens Shearling Coats On Sale - Click to enlarge
Mens Shearling Coats On Sale
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Mens Shearling Coats On Sale

  • Select Just The Size if unable to get actual measurements! - For a more custom fit, please fill out measurements!
  • Shown in Stoney Tan
  • Zip Off Hood Optional
  • One of natures finest insulators.
  • Quality: Highest grade domestic sheepskins available.
  • Hand finished in a glove-suede leather.
  • Can be worn snow.
  • Large collar and pockets to keep you warm.

  • Reviews:Reviewer: Frank Frarrar (Clarksville OH, 45113) I have looked at this wonderful jacket for about 4 years now! This is the only coat I would consider buying! Great design -the shawl collar would keep out all weathers.

    About Quality : Our Shearling Coats are chosen from the highest grades available in the international marketplace and are selected for their light weight and quality of wool. Making your shearling garment requires over sixty manual procedures, from the selection and matching of the individual hides, to the final brushing. Every step in your garment's creation is performed entirely by hand, using environmentally-friendly production techniques that have been passed down through generations of journeymen tanners.

    Mens Shearling Coats On Sale

    Care: If wet shake off excess water or snow then blot dry with a clean towel and hang to dry at room temperature. Never rub a wet natural skin garment this forces the moisture deep into the leather.

    Storage: Preserve the shape by using an oversized hanger when drying, storing, or just hanging your garment overnight. Never store in a plastic bag. Store or hand in a cloth garment bag in a well ventilated closet.

    Ships in 1-2 weeks Mens Shearling Coats On Sale

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