Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mounts

Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mounts - Click to enlarge
Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mounts - Click to enlarge
Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mounts
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Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mount

  • You May Select Color & Horn Length!
  • These Are Real Texas Longhorns steer mounts!
  • Professionally Taxidermy Mounted
  • These Shoulder Mounts gifts and decor items will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace or western great room!

    In 1866, Nelson Story used the Bozeman Trail to successfully drive about 1000 head of longhorn cattle into the Gallatin Valley of Montana from Texas. Individual cattle barons such as Conrad Kohrs built up significant ranches in the northern Rockies. In 1866, Kohrs purchased a ranch near Deer Lodge, Montana from former Canadian fur-trader Johnny Grant. At its peak, Kohrs owned 50,000 head of cattle, grazing on 10 million acres spread across four states and two Canadian Provinces and shipping 10,000 head of cattle annually to the Chicago stock yards.

    Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mount

    Handling a longhorn steer mount is important, be careful not to ruffle the hair and ruin the appearance of the mount. Unnecessary touching or handling of the trophy should be avoided. When hanging or removing a trophy from a wall it should be handled by the horns, the muzzle, or the brisket. If handled any other way, especially hollow-haired animals, the hair on these animals becomes very dry and brittle and will break very easily. Treat them like the artwork they are.

    Mounted trophies, like furniture, will collect dust. Therefore, periodic dusting is necessary. Remove from the wall and place the trophy on a table or bench low enough to allow you to reach all parts. Trophies can be dusted with a vacuum attachment or they can be wiped off with a soft damp cloth, always moving in the direction of the grain of the hair. Never vacuum or wipe a trophy head going against the grain of the hair. The eyes and nostrils can be cleaned with a damp cloth also.

    Some trophies become soiled to the point that they need additional cleaning rather than just dusting. When this occurs they can be washed with soap and water. When washing trophies, take a bucket of mild soap powder or chips, and wash with a soft damp sponge. Always remember to wash with the grain of the animal's hair. The following day, when the trophy is dry, the mounted head should be brushed with a soft brush or comb, once again in the same direction as the grain of the hair. Don't saturate the trophy or soak the head or skin in water.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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