Leather Horse Saddlebags

Leather Horse Saddlebags -  22415
Leather Horse Saddlebags - 22415
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Leather Horse Saddlebags

  • Leather Saddlebags For Horses
  • Heavy burgandy latigo with billet straps and tie down straps:
  • Size: 8x10x2.5

    These horse saddlebags are a great way to carry things you need on the trail. The system secures to saddle strings with double grommets on each side, as well as securing to the front rigging with quick release attachment straps.

    Leather Horse Saddlebags

    There's nothing quite like the thrill and of being horseback. It's the only way to travel, and for many, it's a way of life. All over the country, you can find dedicated horse enthusiasts. Those who love riding demand nothing but the best from their "Leather Saddlebags For Horses" gear. There's no worse feeling than needing a part for your gear and discovering that the only your missing are your saddlebags with your gear.
    Plan your riding trip in detail. Forest rangers are an excellent source of information and you can get maps from them for a couple of bucks. Trails Illustrated puts out great maps and they are kept fairly current. Let people know (including the rangers) where you are going and when you expect to be there.

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