The Tristan

Legends Of The Fall - The Tristan - Click to enlarge
Legends Of The Fall - The Tristan - Click to enlarge
Legends Of The Fall - The Tristan
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The Tristan

  • All hats shown below are requiring 12-14 weeks to ship at this time due to a backlog in supplies!
  • Movie: Legends Of The Fall - Brad Pitt
  • Crown: 5 1/4 inches
  • Brim: 4″
  • Color Shown:Sahara; with optional medium trail dust.
  • Crown: Pinched front, Pecan top
  • Brim: Hand rolled-open
  • Hatband: 1″ dark brown leather
  • Made By Professional Hatters
  • Tristan is 5 ¼ crown with a 4 1\/4 brim
  • Finest Beaver Hats Made
  • Unconditional Customer Satisfaction
  • Tristan's Hat in Legends Of The Fall

    What do the X's mean on Cowboy Hats

    We use the best designers and makers of hand made movie star 1870's and 1880's cowboy and Legends Of The Fall Tristan hats for sale. We strive for authenticity in the pieces we reproduce from the 19th and early decades of the 20th century. Our custom Tristan Ludlows cowboy hat is made to order and to last a lifetime.

    The Tristan

    Head Measurement

    If you have bought hats in the past - the head measurement you get should be close to the hat size you are used to buying. Look straight ahead and have your helper measure your head. Using the soft tape - they should measure over your hair, just above your ears, and a half inch above your eye brows.

    In the early 1900s, three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of Montana are affected by betrayal, history, love, nature, and war.In early 20th-century Montana, Col. William Ludlow lives in the wilderness with his sons, Tristan, Alfred and Samuel. Eventually, the unconventional but close-knit family encounters tragedy when Samuel is killed in World War I. Tristan and Alfred survive their tours of duty, but, soon after they return home, both men fall for Samuel's gorgeous fiancée, Susannah, and their intense rivalry begins to destroy the family.

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