Barrel Racing Spurs

Barrel Racing Spurs - D6020CCRD
Barrel Racing Spurs - D6020CCRD
Item# GGD-D6020CCRD
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Barrel Racing Spurs

  • Band: 3/4” colorful steel
  • Shank: 1” dropped
  • Rowels: 5/8”, 6 pt.
  • Trim: Jeweler’s bronze barrel racer motif

    Colorful steel trimmed with a bronze barrel racer motif. Ladies' size only.

    The chap guard, generally found on the California style spurs, was put there simply to keep the Cowboy's chaps out of the rowel. Tie-downs were either chains or leather added to the spur to ride under the boot and keep the spur from angling upwards on the boot. Rowel guards, though considered decorative today, were also invested to help keep the rowels turning freely, especially if the cowboy happened to be wearing Woolies, or hair covered chaps.

    Barrel Racing Spurs

    Designs were also sometimes added at the personal requests of the Cowboy, and sometimes even done by himself. Many a Cowboy turned his trade to Spurmaker in the 1800s.

    Styles eventually became "Regional." If the Cowboy lived and worked in Texas, for instance, rather than California, the style of his spurs reflected it.

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