John Wayne Hat

John Wayne Hat - Red River - Click to enlarge
John Wayne Hat - Red River - Click to enlarge
John Wayne Hat - Red River
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John Wayne Hat

  • All hats shown below are requiring 12-14 weeks to ship at this time due to a backlog in supplies!
  • Movie - Red River - John Wayne
  • Crown: 4 3/4″
  • Brim 4 3/4 inches
  • Color Shown: Black.
  • Crown: Telescope.
  • Brim: Hand curled (Red River Version)-Bound.
  • Hatband: Custom 3/4″ leather.

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    Although it wasn’t released until late September of 1948, about 6 months after the release of The Search, Howard Hawks’ western Red River was actually Montgomery Clift’s first experience with filming movies. It was a trial by fire, or maybe by water. The film was shot in Rain Valley, east of Tucson Arizona, and during filming it rained nearly continuously for six weeks. Many of the actors got sick with colds. Scenes had to be rewritten to accommodate the weather.

    John Wayne Hat

    Clift and John Wayne didn’t like each other, something that would work in their favor when acting out scenes of friction between their characters, but which couldn’t have been pleasant for Monty to live through. Wayne told a Life magazine editor “Clift is an arrogant little bastard.” Additionally, Wayne thought Monty was a wimp. According to Clift biographer Patricia Bosworth, “Wayne actually burst into guffaws when Hawks staged the fight between them. Wayne simply could not take the scene seriously – something that privately infuriated Monty and probably inspired the superhuman intensity he brought to his battle with Wayne.”

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