Horse Trailers

Horse Trailers
Horse Trailers
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Horse Trailers

Horse Trailers safety checklist:


Be sure that the hitch is secure and your trailer is properly fastened. Use heavy safety chains to secure the trailer to the towing vehicle.


Follow the manufacturer's recommended inflation pressures. A good rule of thumb for safe tire tread is a minimum of 1/4-inch tread depth. Inspect tires for signs of dry rot. A tire with dry rot is not dependable. Don't forget to have a spare tire that is well-maintained.


Replace worn components and test brake operation before beginning the haul.


Check for correct and full operation of brake, turning and marker lights. Interior lights are handy when loading and unloading at night.

Jacks and safety triangles

Have these available and in good working order in case of roadside breakdowns.


Horses apply a great deal of pressure on the small area under their hoofs. Floorboards should not be in a rotted or weak condition. Rubber mats on the floor and tailgate provide traction and cushion during loading, unloading and travel.

Wheel bearings

These need to be re-packed with grease and checked at least every year.

Remember,always check before every trip your horse trailers