Snaffle Bit

Snaffle Bit - 15471-4
Snaffle Bit - 15471-4
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Snaffle Bit

  • Hinged Dee Snaffle
  • This popular progression bit has a hinged mouthpiece that breaks only back and forth allowing the rider to place pressure with greater precision than the traditional snaffle.
  • Copper bars keep the mouth wet and responsive.
  • Dees: 2 3/4", Stainless Steel
  • Mouth: 5", "Sweet-iron" hinged snaffle with copper bars.

    Snaffle Bit may outwardly resemble a snaffle or a curb, but with added slots or rings that provide leverage by sliding the Snaffle Bit up in the horse's mouth, a very severe design. Chifney Anti-Rearing Bit: This is a circular-shaped bit with three rings and a port or straight mouth piece used when leading horses. The port or straight piece goes inside the mouth, and the circular part lies under the jaw. The bit is attached to separate head piece or the head collar and the lead is clipped onto the bit and headcollar to limit the severity.[1] A type of bridle that carries two bits, a bradoon and a curb, and is ridden with two sets of reins is called a double bridle or Weymouth.

    Snaffle Bit

    A snaffle bit is directly reined. This means that the reins attach to the rings connected to the mouthpiece for direct pressure on the bars of the mouth and corners of the mouth, lying across the tongue. The wider the diameter of the bit, the milder the pressure on the horse. Snaffle bits are recommended for both beginning riders and horses in training.

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