Hats Worn In Western Movies

Hats Worn In Western Movies - Conagher Style Hat - Click to enlarge
Hats Worn In Western Movies - Conagher Style Hat - Click to enlarge
Hats Worn In Western Movies - Conagher Style Hat
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Hats Worn In Western Movies

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  • Movie - Conagher - Sam Elliott
  • Conagher Style Cowboy Hat
  • Crown: 5″ inches
  • Brim: 4″
  • Color Shown: Bone
  • Crown: Modified Sagebrush
  • Brim: Hand Shaped-Open
  • Hatband: Wrapped 1/4″ Custom Wind string Optional

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    A labor of love for married stars Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross, who co-producing and co-wrote, this memorable TV movie is a diverting ride through a prairie Camelot. Missouri-born Jacob Teale (Billy Green Bush) believes he can fulfill his dream of becoming a cattleman by moving his family to the wide-open west.

    Hats Worn In Western Movies

    But even veteran drovers like Conn Congaher (Sam Elliott) have a hard time scraping by in this inhospitable frontier. Jacob dies after his horse stumbles and crushes him, leaving his wife, Evie (Katherine Ross), and their two children destitute. Fortunately, for the widowed Evie, the local coach service is in the process of building a stop over in neighboring Red Rock, and in the interim, the Teale home becomes a post house for passengers headed to La Mesa. Even cowpokes like Chris Mahler (Gavan O’Herlihy) and Conagher park their horses in the Teale corral and enjoy the occasional home-cooked meal. When Indians try to steal her livestock, Evie can count on back-up from stagecoach drivers and drovers.

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