EZ Up Stirrups

EZ Up Stirrups - Unavailable
EZ Up Stirrups - Unavailable
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EZ Up Stirrups

  • Add 3" To Any Stirrup
  • Comes with (1) Mounting Stirrup Adapter

    EZ Up Stirrups

    Who would need, want or use a stirrup extender? There are all kinds of obstacles to riding our horses.

  • Those riders with taller horses
  • Shorter riders
  • Heavier set riders (as we get older)
  • Older riders with bad knees
  • Brand new tight jeans (for the fashion bugs)
  • Bad knees, back or other physical problems
  • Extremely tired riders from long endurance rides
  • Trail riding with frequent mounts and dismounts

    Also look at our EZ Up Stirrup Combo with 360 Degree turning stirrup.

    Ships Next Day On EZ Up Stirrups

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