Cutting Chaps

Cutting Chaps
Cutting Chaps
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Cutting Chaps

  • 4.0 ounce sand suede
  • Basket top yokes
  • Basket side yokes
  • Silver moon conchos
  • 3 buckle and strap leg closure,
  • Adjustable latigo leather front belt
  • Adjustable laced on backbelt
  • 8" fringe
  • 4" dropped heal
  • Made in USA

  • Small: Length 40", Upper Thigh 22 - 23,Hip 32-36,Calf 17-18
  • Medium:Length 40", Upper Thigh 24-25,Hip 36-40,Calf 18-19 1/4
  • Large:Length 41", Upper Thigh 26-27,Hip 40-44,Calf 18 1/2 - 19 1/4
  • XLarge:Length 42", Upper Thigh 28-29,Hip 42-46,Calf 19 1/2 - 20 1/4

    Cutting Chaps

    Why cutting chaps? They are a full length chap which normally secures to the upper leg. They also normally have fringe. Our standard fringe length is 8 inches. They are very similar to a western batwing style chap except that they have a "dropped heel". The dropped heal is designed to cover the rider's boot heel and spurs. It conceals the riders "cue" to the horse with spur or heel movements so those "cues" are not obvious to spectators or judges. A cutting chap is not normally worn for pleasure riding because the "dropped heal" hangs below ground level.

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