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Cutting Chaps

Western Saddle takes pride in offering you only the finest selection of Cutting Chaps available online. All of our Cutting Chaps are handmade at the time of order by our expert craftsmen. We use only the highest quality leather available. All of the Cutting Chaps are made to fit you according to your measurments you provided. If you’ve ever seen a cutting horse in action, you know what a high-energy event it is. You know you need a well made Cutting Saddles. In the cutting horse class, the horse and rider enter a herd of cows and the rider indicates to a judge which calf they are going to “cut out” from the herd and drive out into the arena. The rider then adopts a loose set of reins and turns the job of preventing the calf from rejoining the herd over to the horse.

“When the cow runs and stops, the horse has to run and stop and, when the cow turns, the horse has to mirror the cow and make the same kind of turn or even a more aggressive turn, which derives more points,” Richard Herr, a horse trainer in Gainesville, Texas, says. That’s a lot of action, all crammed into a short two minutes.

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