Cowboy Bedroll, Canvas Bedrolls

Cowboy Bedroll, Canvas Bedroll
Cowboy Bedroll, Canvas Bedroll

Cowboy Bedroll, Canvas Bedrolls

Cowboy Bedroll:
This sleeping bag is designed with a single compartment to roll up and fit perfectly behind your saddle. This model is perfect for trail rides, cattle drives and the everyday needs of a horseback rider. It is constructed with a heavy duty, dual control brass zipper with an anti-draft water flap sewn to the outside.
Canvas Materials
Cowboy bedroll exterior features the use of tough, long lasting marine grade canvas. The inside is lined with polyester/cotton flannel, designed for comfort, warmth, and durability. The layers are filled with Hollofill 808, one of the best insulations against cold. This bag is not designed for extreme cold, but will keep you plenty warm, down to freezing temperatures. At the head of the bag is a flannel lined flap to cover you on extra cold nights. This flap also doubles as the cover the bag rolls into.
Canvas Sleeping Bag Facts
Cowboy bedroll Size: 32" X 84" approx. inside sleeping area)
Weight: Approximately 9 lbs.
Lining: Polyester/ Cotton Flannel
Filler: Hollofill 808

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Extreme Weather Cowboy Bedroll

Cowboy Bedroll,Canvas Bedroll

Extreme Sleeping Bags: All Season Camping Sleeping Bag, Outdoor Gear
"I will have my Extreme Sleeping Bag with me where ever I go." Clint Eastwood, Actor-Producer-Director
Rugged Comfort! This model features three sleeping compartments to choose from, depending on outside temperatures. There is also a fourth pocket for easy storage of your ground pad or air mattress. At the head of the bag is a flannel lined flap to cover you on cold nights. This flap is also the cover the bag rolls into. The All Season also features sewn in end ropes, two nylon chinch straps and double heavy duty carrying straps. Sold world wide to outfitters, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who love style, comfort and quality.
Specifications:Sleeping Bag
Size: 41" x 84" ( approx. sleeping area) Weight: approx. 22 lbs. Comfort Zone: -20 to +65 degrees. Lining: Polyester/Cotton Flannel Filler: Hollofil 808

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Extreme Weather Cowboy Bedroll BSB-ExtremeWeather

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