Cavalry Hat - Apocalypse Now

Cavalry Hat - Apocalypse Now - Click to enlarge
Cavalry Hat - Apocalypse Now - Click to enlarge
Cavalry Hat - Apocalypse Now
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Cavalry Hat - Apocalypse Now

  • All hats shown below are requiring 12-14 weeks to ship at this time due to a backlog in supplies!
  • Crown: 6 inches
  • Brim 4 inches
  • Color Shown: Black with optional light trail dust.
  • Crown: Modified Slouch.
  • Brim: Hand rolled-Open.
  • Hatband: Satin Ribbon and bow with Cavalry Cord.

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    Cavalry Hat - Apocalypse Now

    This hat is a higher crowned variation of a cavalry slouch hat, with an unbound brim, dating back to the mid 1800s. We have a 1 inch SRB for the hatband with the cavalry cord slid over top.

    Robert Duvall created a pop icon with his balls-to-the-walls portrayal of Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore of the Air Cavalry, in one of the great war movies, Apocalypse Now {1979} “You can either surf or fight!. . .Charley don’t surf!”

    Martin Sheen as Captain. Ben Willard is sent into the dense Jungle on a Black Ops mission to terminate the command of Marlon Brando as the patriot Colonel turned renegade maniac jungle god, Walter Kurtz. Apocalypse Now is one of those powerful movies that pulls you right through the screen and into the story.

    Look for a young Harrison Ford, early on in the film, when his character gives Captain Williard his mission, with the admonition to, “Terminate the Colonel’s command with extreme prejudice.”

    Ships within 12-14 weeks Cavalry Hat - Apocalypse Now

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