Farm Weathervane

Farm Weathervane - Buffalo Skull  - Click to enlarge
Farm Weathervane - Buffalo Skull  - Click to enlarge
Farm Weathervane - Buffalo Skull
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Farm Weathervane

  • Size: 34"
  • Crafted from 14 guage steel
  • Sturdy enough for all weather
  • Color of your choice
  • Adjustable mounting system

    Crafted out of quality 14-gauge mild steel, our silhouette weather vanes are sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions, unlike lighter metals. The bases are slightly thicker than the rest of the weather vane for extra stability. Our silhouette weather vanes have a natural metal color and will develop a unique rustic look if left uncoated. Or, if you prefer, we can paint your weather vane in black, white, copper, gold, brown or forest green.

    Farm Weathervane

    Our weathervanes are a great gift for the rancher, farm owner or horse enthusist. These items will greatly enhance that western decor and grace your barn or house. These items will standup in the harshest of weather conditions.

    The design of a weather vane is such that the weight is evenly distributed each side of the axis of rotation, but the surface area is unequally divided, so that the pointer can move freely on its axis. The side with the larger area is blown away from the wind direction. The pointer is therefore always on the smaller side (a north wind is one that blows from the north). Most weather vanes have directional markers beneath the arrow, aligned with the geographic directions.

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    Reviews: Perfect choice for our new home in Bozeman. Our contractor had no problem installing it on our home. Looks Great! A Bannon - Montana
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