Buckleless Hobbles

Horse Hobbles - Buckleless
Horse Hobbles - Buckleless
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Horse Hobbles

  • Leather hobble with nickel plated chain
  • Chap leather padding
  • No buckle for safe easy release

    Hobbles are a great tool for all horsemen. Some think hobbles are mean or cruel and if used the wrong way, I would agree. Hobbles are an advanced "sack out" technique that will give your horse confidence, enforce your leadership position, teach pressure and release and build trust. It teaches horses to give to pressure and learn to deal with being trapped. It desensitizes a horse's legs to being confined, trapped or stuck. A hobble-trained horse is less likely to tear his leg off if he ever is caught up in wire or a fence.

    Horse Hobbles

    Hobbles have a long history in horse training. In the past they were used has a way to break the horse's spirit, to take the fight out of a horse and to dominate a horse. I do not use them for that and do not recommend them for that use. In the days of horseback, when most all transportation was by horse, there were not tie post or tie points everywhere. By placing hobbles on a horse, you were able to secure your horse in open areas with no trees or tie points. That way in morning, your horse would have grazed all night, but would not have traveled miles away from you and your camp site.

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