Bear Electric Camp Fences

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Bear Electric Camp Fences

An additional item that may be useful to further deter curious or hungry bears is a tool that is actually designed to physically discourage a bear from entering your campsite. Itís called a Bear Shock Electric Fence and is marketed by UDAP, a bear spray and bear deterrent company in Butte, Montana. The Bear Shock is a lightweight, portable electric fence that you set up around the perimeter of your camp.It will deliver a 6,000-volt jolt of electricity to any bear that touches it, hopefully giving him plenty of reason to forget about entering your camp while youíre sleeping. Itís one additional line of defense when in bear country.

Bear Shock Electric Fence
Regular price: $289.99
Sale price: $260.99
Outfitter Bear Electric Fence
Regular price: $319.99
Sale price: $287.99
Bear Resistant Electric Food Storage Fence
Regular price: $399.99
Sale price: $359.99

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