Authentic Old West Hats

Authentic Old West Hats - Cavalry - Click to enlarge
Authentic Old West Hats - Cavalry - Click to enlarge
Authentic Old West Hats - Cavalry
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Authentic Old West Hats

  • Quality 7X
  • 4 inch handrolled brim.
  • Matching binding.
  • Shown In Granite Color

    This custom cowboy hat has the traditional old west cavalry look. There are many variations on this hat. If you're looking for a particular variation, please let us know and we'll see what we can do. We've copied hats from movies, old photos, etc. Cavalry band. 7X quality. Shown in Granite color.

    Authentic Old West Hats

    How should my hat fit?
    It should be comfortable; never headache tight. Hats always shrink over time. They do not stretch. Always start out a bit big, not small.

    How do I set my hat down when not wearing it?
    The correct way to set your hat is upside-down. The curve of the sides and the dip in the brim will be preserved.

    Why do some hats look the same as others but cost so much more?

    The quality of the material makes the difference!!
    Quality of a authentic old western style cowboy hat is directly related to toughness & weatherability. A good hat can be worn out in the rain in place of an umbrella. You won't get wet and the hat won't lose shape. Let a wet hat dry normally. Quality hats can withstand much wear & tear.

    Ships in 4 - 6 weeks on Authentic Old West Hats

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