ATV Utility Trailers

ATV Utility Trailers
ATV Utility Trailers "Explorer 2" - Click to enlarge
ATV Utility Trailers "Explorer 2"
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ATV Utility Trailers


*Cubic Feet: 25 Cubic Ft (55 Cubic Ft with cover)
*Length: 85” (215.9 cm)
*Width: 46” (116.9 cm)
*Depth: 18.5” (47 cm)
*Hitch Style: 2” ball coupler
*Colors: Black, Olive Drab, Red, Blue, Marsh Brown, and Yellow
*Shipping Weight: 190 lb (86.2 kg)
*Load Capacity: 2200 lb.
*21” Knobby Flotation Tire with a Greasable 4-Bolt Hub


• Polyethylene body
• Tipper Latch tilting feature
• 14” (35.5 cm) of Clearance
• Black powder coated steel frame

The Explorer XLs are the workhorses of our ATV Utility trailer lineup. Their sheer size makes them ideal for pulling behind a utility vehicle. The Explorer XLs are designed for hauling larger payloads.

The frames are made of a heavy duty powder coated steel to resist scratching and corrosion. Whether it’s hauling bales on the farm or gear in the woods, the Explorer XLs can handle it.

ATV Utility Trailers

The ATV and Agricultural.
You work hard. And you expect everything on your farm to work hard as well, including your ATV. It’s not just for recreation anymore. By the 1970's a decent ATV attachment was finding its use and agricultural. It was found to be an efficient and economical substitute for the pickup truck, the horse, the tractor, and even for walking and many operations. ATV Farm Implements can now be found on all types of farms, ranches, groves, in the forest, and in the ornamental nursery, and on the golf course. ATVs are now used as spot sprayers and to inspect crops and livestock, to inspect and repair regulation systems and fence lines, to supervise field crews, to herd livestock, mark timber, to seed, ATV Sprayers and apply chemicals, to mow grass, to move dirt, to transport things from here to there and back again. The uses are unlimited.

And ATV offers a new sense of freedom to individuals with mobility handicaps. It can be the wheelchair for the farm, ranch, and grower. With the ATV, physically handicapped farmers, ranchers and others can travel over hundreds of acres, too areas which might be inaccessible to them by other means. It can enable them to take a more active role in the operations and management of the business: they can become more productive persons using a.ATV Wagon for ground work and our ever popular .ATV Utility Trailers .

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