Arabian Western Show Saddles

Arabian Western Show Saddles - Click to enlarge
Arabian Western Show Saddles - Click to enlarge
Arabian Western Show Saddles
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Arabian Western Show Saddles

  • TREE: Fiberglass covered wood, Arabian special bars and gullet
  • SEAT: 15" or 16" Padded top grain
  • RIGGING: "C" Plate in-skirt, slot and rear with mock billets
  • SKIRTS: square Arabian size with back housing
  • CANTLE: 4" Oval Cheyenne Roll and 3 piece silver set
  • STIRRUPS: 2" Bell bottom covered and sewn with silver concho stirrup bolts
  • FINISH: Dark cherry oil show finish with Montana Silversmiths trim

    We bring you the finest Arabian Western Show Saddles made. We know that our customers look for quality and well made leather products.We know that there are cheaper Arabian Saddles on the market, however, please be careful in purchasing a product for yourself or someone in your family, cheap Arabian Saddles are well known for failure in their construction when put under stress. Don't take a chance on a loved one being injured, just to save a few dollars.

    Arabian Western Show Saddles

    Origins This horse originated in the desert lands of what is now Saudi Arabia. They were prized by the nomadic Bedouin tribes who bred and raised them. Although early written records are scarce, one Arab historian wrote an account in AD 786 which attempted to record the history and pedigrees of the Arabian horse, going back to 3000 BC. While the account may not be strictly factual, it underlines the importance of the Arabian breed and the strict breeding practices of the Bedouin to keep the bloodlines pure.

    The history of the Arabian horses is steeped in myth and legend. According to the Bedouins, God created the Arabian horse from the South Wind, saying "I call you Horse; I make you Arabian and I give you the chestnut color of the ant; I have hung happiness from the forelock which hangs between your eyes; you shall be the Lord of the other animals. Men shall follow you wherever you go; you shall be as good for flight as for pursuit; riches shall be on your back and fortune shall come through your meditation" .Arabian horses stand at an average height of 14.3 hands high. They are compact-bodied animals with long, clean legs and a long, level croup. The hair coat is fine and silky, as is the mane and tail.

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