Endurance Saddles

Endurance Saddles "20510"
Endurance Saddles "20510"
Item# ACT-EDS-20510
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Endurance Saddles "20510"
Endurance Saddles: Endurance Saddles may not fit every horse. Abetta products are built on Quarter Horse Trees. The size of gullet remains fairly constant. Measuring close to 6 ¾”, this Endurance Saddles an excellent choice for about 75% of the riding horse population. The owners of horses that need a Endurance Saddles should call us for assistance in fitting the narrower horse using endurance saddles.

Endurance Saddles

Abetta Endurance Saddles use a synthetic suede material on the actual seat for comfort and security in riding. The Cordura material of the jockey’s and fenders is also less slick than most tooled leather products. Every Abetta Saddle comes with a 30” standard size girth. Easy care of an abetta endurance products. No oils or soaps needed. Hose it off, srub with brush, leave it out to dry. Best value for your money can be found in a abetta endurance products.

Facts Tree: Abetta Endurance by Ralide
Cantle: 4" Highback
Rigging: Centerfire Nylon/Leather halfbreed
Finish: Cordura Nylon exterior; 2" bell stirrups; tie down; breast collar and crupper rings.
Weight: 15 lbs
Facts Cordura is a 1000 denier nylon that is virtually indestructible. Cordura is a registered trademark of DuPont. The Abetta Cordura saddles is covered with Cordura nylon. Other brands of synthetic saddles use imported nylon. When you want quality, look for the DuPont Name!

Abetta is the only synthetic saddle maker that uses closed-cell foam. Abetta uses a 3-layer lamination of nylon/closed-cell foam, this means the saddle will not absorb water. Between the closed-cell foam and the Cordura nylon, your horse can lay down in the creek you're crossing, and you won't have to worry about your saddle. The kids can drag it through the mud...just rinse it off. Plus, this makes the saddle less susceptible to bacteria and germs.

The Abetta Cordura is built on a genuine Ralide saddle tree. Over 50% of all saddles made in the USA are built on Ralide saddle trees. Ralide is an injection molded tree with a metal reinforced horn. Injection molding ensures absolute consistency. Ralide trees are virtually indestructible. The Abetta Cordura also boasts of one-piece rigging. Others go just under the jockey and bolt the rigging to the tree, and that's where they stop. Abetta takes a nylon strap completely over tree. Abetta still bolts the rigging into the tree, but it is one piece. The rigging dees are stainless steel.

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Comes Complete with Matching Headstall & Breast Collar
Abetta Endurance Saddle #20510 ACT-HSBC-20510
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Endurance Saddles