3 Point Hitch Sprayers

3 Point Hitch Sprayers - 55GAL - Click to enlarge
3 Point Hitch Sprayers - 55GAL - Click to enlarge
3 Point Hitch Sprayers - 55GAL
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3 Point Hitch Sprayers

  • 10 Ft Boom
  • 55 Gallon Corrosion Resistant Polyethylene Tank
  • Break-Away Hinges on Boom
  • 7 Nozzle Boom with 140" Coverage
  • Single Manual Lever Valve Boom Control (On-Off)
  • Relief Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Equipped with Pump Kit to Fit Most Roller Pumps
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    3 Point Hitch Sprayers

    Over-fertilization of a vital nutrient can be as detrimental as underfertilization. "Fertilizer burn" can occur when too much fertilizer is applied, resulting in a drying out of the roots and damage or even death of the plant.

    According to UC IPM, all organic fertilizers, and some specially-formulated inorganic fertilizers are classified as 'slow-release' fertilizers, and therefore cannot cause nitrogen burn. Fertilizers are as likely to cause plant burn as inorganic fertilizers.

    Properly applied, fertilizers can improve the health and productivity of soil and plants, as they provide different essential nutrients to encourage plant growth. Organic nutrients increase the abundance of soil organisms by providing organic matter and micronutrients for organisms such as fungal mycorrhiza, which aid plants in absorbing nutrients. Chemical fertilizers may have long-term adverse impact on the organisms living in soil and a detrimental long term effect on soil productivity of the soil.

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